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            1. Welcome to Shenzhen Tongyun Jiuzhou Logistics Co., Ltd. Official website!
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                Our three core businesses

                Specialized in one-to-one service for trading customers in Hong Kong, the United States and Europe

                Customer First, One-to-One Service

                Service advantages

              • Shenzhen Tongyun Jiuzhou Logistics Co., Ltd.Service comes first;
              • Be trustworthy to customers, dare to take responsibility for problems and deal with them in time.Efficient executionDeeply trusted by customers, promising customers time limit to cash, goods lost and mergedReasonable compensationIt is protection;
              • We solemnly commit ourselves to:A senior sales manager who serves only one customer.
              • Integrating Resources to Save Logistics Cost

                Channel advantage

              • Channel decides price, price dominates logistics market, Shenzhen Tongyun Jiuzhou Logistics Co., Ltd.10 years since its establishmentWe are committed to opening up channels and continuously integrating the resources of Hong Kong, the United States and Europe.
              • From factory shipment to destination clearance and delivery,Whole process company controlTo truly provide transportation, customs clearance, destination clearance and warehousing for cross-border EnterprisesOne-stop service.
              • Where are the goods, where are the outlets?

                Dot advantage

              • In order to save the cost of delivery, Shenzhen Tongyun Jiuzhou Logistics Co., Ltd.Inland Logistics ResourcesWith Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong as the core;
              • Proxy network radiationTo major cities of provinces and cities, collect goods from various provinces and cities, collect and package them to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong Logistics Center, and thenDistribution to the United States, Europe28 countries.
              • One number, one vote to the end

                Query advantage

              • For customersSatisfaction after deliveryWe are serious;
              • After delivery from customers, we no longer need to make cumbersome telephone calls to inquire, but a ticket and a number of goods.GPS Tracking, Official Web Query, One Ticket to the EndReally improve customer experience;
              • In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have done it specially.Official English WebsiteTo allow customers far away from home to log in to usWebsite Inquiry Number,Get to know us anytime, anywhereCargo transportation.
              • Cooperative client
                The company has been established for 10 years, and has cooperated with more than 500 customers to become a benchmark enterprise in the industry, which is worthy of trust.
                Company strength
                With Hong Kong flat car, more than 20 vehicles of tonnage size, more than 50 flights booked by European and American air transport, the service is guaranteed.
                Sales elite
                More than 50 senior sales managers, 80% of whom have 5 years experience in cross-border logistics, provide you with the most convenient and economical transportation plan.
                Monthly shipments
                The monthly freight volume of Hong Kong is more than 600 tons, and the monthly freight volume of Europe and America is more than 300 tons with annual turnover of 30 million tons.

                5 major processesJust to serve you better!

                Operators specializing in international and domestic integrated logistics services

                • More than 1000 service outlets nationwide, free delivery
                • It has strong import and customs and fast release of goods.
                • Six port buses and five airport flight warehouses every day to escort you
                • Customs clearance bank and VAT account with independent
                • After destination, UPS dispatches one ticket to the end of the time.

                One-stop service network, quickly and smoothly throughout the world!

                About Us

                Shenzhen Tongyun Jiuzhou Logistics Co., Ltd., which implies "Transport China, Transport Jiuzhou in the world", is a professional operator engaged in international and domestic integrated logistics services. Over the years, we have been committed to promoting the rapid and comprehensive development of China's logistics service industry. With the support of advanced logistics IT system, we can fully integrate social logistics resources and provide customers with all-round logistics and value-added services. Mainly engaged in European and American special lines, China-Hong Kong special lines, import and export trade and other business, is a strong, integrated logistics enterprise integrating transportation, warehousing, distribution and trade.

                Our service concept:

                Credit first, customer first, continuous and innovation.

                Our management philosophy:

                Employees are wealth. Treat employees diligently customers.

                Our future mission:

                For more buyers and sellers, help the business succeed.


                Pay attention to the latest developments in the industry

                • Company news
                • Logistics News

                Basic knowledge

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